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The Adventures of the Posse of Little Horse
accepted into the Pine Plains Library Collection

     Pine Plains, NY, September 22, 2012 – The Pine Plains Library became the first library in America to accept The Adventures of the Posse of Little Horses into its collection. The effort to get this modern American classic placed on the shelves of that great institution was led by Pine Plains Auto Repair Mogul Dominic Calabro.

     ShipWreckPublications feels compelled to point out that Mogul Calabro’s successful effort to get Posse accepted into the Pine Plains Library collection had absolutely nothing to do with ShipWreck’s September 30th decision to award the Literary Auto Repair Shop of 2012 to Mogul Calabro’s Factory Lane Auto Repair Shop. While it is also true that the award included a check for 50% of the royalties collected to date for the novel ($7.00), Mogul Calabro states vehemently that his efforts were NOT in any way designed to influnence the ShipWreckPublications’ award committee, led by Lisa Lazzero (nee Lazzaro), reputed to be a former employee of Calabro’s Factory Lane Auto Repair.

     Below is the story of that great shelving event told in wonderful photographs with illuninating, well-written, entertaining and informative captions. (Wonderful Photos by Pete Calabro, one of Mogul Calabro’s sons)

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Pine Plains Library Sign

     The Pine Plains Library moved into it’s new building September 22, 2009. That’s the good news. The other news: the banks are foreclosing on the building and thus negating Auto Repair Mogul Calabro’s altruistic and successful effort to get The Adventures of the Posse of Little Horses accepted into the library’s collection. The library’s foreclosure will rob those penny-pinching residents of Pine Plains, who are too cheap to buy this great novel, of the opportunity to appreciate a modern American classic written by one of their own, that former sage of Hicks Hill Road, none other than Oxbow Lake the 2nd.

Pine Plains Auto Repair Mogul Calabro

     Pine Plains Auto Repair Mogul Calabro causiously approaches the checkout counter of the The Pine Plains Library. Note that he carries the novel inconspicuously and casually by his side so as not to attract the attention of the librarian.

carries the novel inconspicuously

     Auto Repair Mogul Calabro hides the novel from view as he gets closer to the library’s checkout desk.

Auto Repair Mogul Calabro with Librarian

     The Auto Repair Mogul surprises the Pine Plains librarian and places the novel in her hands for processing and placement on the library’s shelves. Mogul Calabro stated categorically that he did nothing to intimidate the librarian and the look of confused fear on her face is not confusion or fear at all but rather a look of awe at the magniminity of the Auto Repair Mogul’s efforts to make modern classic American literature available to those residents of Pine Plains who are too cheap to actually purchase this great and very affordable novel.

Posse on Library Book shelf

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