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***** ‘Posse’ has it all, funny, crazy, adventure, crime and love, June 22, 2012

By Bonniebirr

The Posse has it all, funny, crazy, adventure, crime and love all wrapped in a historical trip down Route 66. I think all readers, young and old will connect with the zany characters and events that Oxbow Lake brings to life in his first novel. He leaves you wanting more and I hope that part 2 is in the works!

As for Oxbow’s “sanity”, I am not qualified to comment on one’s state of mind but to find so much laughter and adventure in a work of fiction is rare. I enjoyed Mr. Lake's style of humor from the Copyright Notice on page 3 to the About the Author on page 244.

***** Hilarious Yet Perceptive and Biting Satire of American Society , July 16, 2012

By W. Thomas Wolfe (Schoharie, NY USA)

Oxbow Lake's The Adventures of the Posse of Little Horses is laugh out loud funny as has been noted in several of the reviews. However, there's a lot more to this wonderful novel than literary slap stick. On the back cover, Kramer Killread Esquire, whoever the hell he is (Editor-in-Chief of The New Tampa Guide to Sane Automobile Repair... more satire?) is quoted as saying "If you are titillated by someone else's ox getting gored, this is the book for you!" And so it is, for ole Oxbow gores a bunch of oxen... perhaps "sacred cows" would more accurate, but the clever "oxen" will do.

What is Oxbow Lake saying about the academy when he has Professor Jeremiah Wright invent the arcane principle of "semi-specicivity" to guide his daughter's pot smoking friends as they write the inscription on the customary memorial stone honoring his daughter's wedding, which has already been an unmitigated disaster?

What is he saying about modern psychiatry with psychiatrist Dr. Evers Peersome, who obsessively sharpens pencils and compulsively looks up women's dresses while treating someone with a compulsive sexual disorder?

The satire is layered throughout the novel... some of it subtle and some of it not so subtle and even includes, I suspect, the publisher, ShipWreckPublications Corporation, and the Costa Concordia Award that the novel received from, as it turns out, the novel's publisher. The Costa Concordia? Wasn't that the Italian cruise ship that sank because the captain steered it too close to the shore so that some of the passengers could wave goodbye to friends on shore? Has ShipWreckPublications or Oxbow Lake or Kramer Killread got the publishing industry in the cross-hairs too? Have they even included themselves in the satiric ox goring? Have they included all of us? My guess: YES! But it's a lot of fun to be ox-poked when it's done so well.

***** Great Read, June 25, 2012


I have completed the adventure and I must say that it is a very interesting book. Oxbow is not a traditional author which is what makes the book so enjoyable to read. He description of the characters and events can be summed up with one word... amazing. A great read!

**** Novel Hilarious, Author Insane, May 25, 2012

By Kramer Killread Esquire, The New Tampa Guide to Sane Automobile Repair

Look, I wrote a little blurb praising The Adventures of the Posse of Little Horses as Editor-in-Chief of The New Tampa Guide to Sane Automobile Repair and I meant every word. It's a damn funny novel and those readers with a sense of humor will laugh their asses off. Humorless prudes will not.

However, I must say that I seriously doubt author Oxbow Lake the Second's sanity. It's as if an unbalance Charles Dickens decided to collaborate with the Three Stooges and use Curly's notes when our unbalanced Charlie wrote the novel. It's no wonder the real Charles Dickens, a public Victorian from his curled toes to his curly hair, said of the novel, as channeled through Hugh Heffner, "I find Oxbow Lake's novel to be vulgar and despicable, and I have only read the first page." And if you doubt me concerning Mr. Lake's sanity, check out his Copyright Notice, his Spanks and Thanks and the Unsolicited Praise in the front of the novel. If you're still not convinced, read About the Author and His Novel at the end of the novel. If you're still unconvinced, you're as crazy as he is!

Anyway, as I said in my little aforementioned blurb, "Why read this stupid novel? Because it's funny and dirty... in the literary sense of both those words." I was not paid to write this blurb... although in all honesty, I was treated to a fine Cuban sandwich and beans and rice at Las Palmas here in New Tampa, Florida, by Robert A Ward III, the Publishing Mogul and CEO of ShipWreckPublications Corporation before I wrote it.

***** Oxbow Lake 2nd Refutes Charges of Insanity, Defends Novel, June 7, 2012

By Oxbow Lake the 2nd

Contrary to what that idiot Kramer Killread Esquire says below ("Novel Hilarious, Author Insane"), I am not insane... or for that matter, am I even mildly mentally ill despite what you may have read and all those forged mental health treatment documents that mysteriously appeared recently on the internet. Killread is half right however, but not the half dealing with my insanity... more on that later.

After autographing 137 paperback copies of my novel The Adventures of the Posse of Little Horses at the behest of Robert A Ward III, the truly perceptive Publishing Mogul and CEO for my publisher ShipWreckPublications, I HAVE gone into hiding. Neither of these are acts of insanity!

First, to clear up the slanderous misconceptions circulating about the internet as to why I stopped autographing copies of my novel at 137 copies. The Publishing Mogul had purchased 150 copies and asked that I autograph all 150. He speculated that perhaps 137 was my favorite or lucky number which is why I stopped autographing at 137, leaving him with an unsigned 13 copies.

As much as I respect the Mogul, his speculation is hogwash. Who in their right mind would have 137 as a favorite or lucky number? Someone insane, that's who! If you subtract 137 from 150, what number do you get? 13, right? Well 13 is neither my favorite nor my lucky number. It's the number of novels I plan to write before I enter the seminary and become a priest. That's the significance of 137... actually the insignificance of 137. The significant number is 13.

Now as to the question of going into hiding. True I have gone into literary hiding, but the question is "Is this the act of an insane man?" That idiot Kramer Killread Esquire claims that while what I write is hilarious, it is the work of an insane author. Double hogwash! I write satirical humor and I'm damn good at it. I gore a lot of sacred oxes and now some of those sacred oxes are damn mad! Blinded by pure unadulterated ox-hatred might be a better way to put it.

I have it on very good authority that a number of literary agents, publishers and critics have formed a conspiratorial league of literary miscreants to de-oxify the publishing industry... meaning destroy me. Some members of this literary legion of de-oxification are quite famous. They believe that if someone like yours truly can make it without them, then the field would become wide open and virtually anyone could make it... causing them irreparable harm.

Thus they've hired a literary hit squad to do irreparable critical harm to me in order to prevent the sale of my first novel and to stop me from publishing what they now know will be 12 more. If you want the initial source of this ox-hatred, read my "Spanks and Thanks" in the introduction to "Posse".

At the beginning of the novel, I also include the following inscription from Mark Twain: "Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand." This is true right up to the point where the writer of that assaulting laughter is done grievous literary harm by a bunch of literary miscreants seeking to prevent the creation and dissemination of hilarious satiric humor that they view as harmful to their power and status, namely The Adventures of the Posse of Little Horses... and the dozen more to come!

***** Laughed so hard I cried., May 24, 2012


I couldn't stop laughing. If you have a warped sense of humor you'll love this book! When is the movie coming out? Who's writing the screenplay?

***** Great Book, May 24, 2012


This is a great book by a new author. The book is laugh out loud funny! Buy the book you will enjoy the path the posse moves along.

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