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You may not believe it, but this category is about short stories. Storia allows your readers to clearly see and read this description.

written by Oxbow Lake
December 10, 2016 7

The skeleton dimensions I shall now proceed to set down are copied verbatim from my right arm, where I had them tattooed; as in my wild wanderings at that period, there was no other secure way of preserving such valuable statistics. But as I was crowded for space, and wished the other parts of my body to remain a blank page for a poem I was then composing—at least, what untattooed parts might remain—I did not trouble myself with the odd inches; nor, indeed, should inches at all enter into a congenial admeasurement of the whale. Read more

written by Oxbow Lake
August 4, 2016 0

Your rapidograph pens are fucking dried up, the x-acto blades in your bag are rusty, and your mind is dull. Stop clicking your mouse, get messy, go back to the basics and make something fucking original. Don’t get hung up on things that don’t fucking work. Nothing of value comes to you without fucking working at it. Widows and orphans are terrible fucking tragedies, both in real life and definitely in typography. Read more