Short Stories Single Chapters

Since you came

Come closer

Your rapidograph pens are fucking dried up, the x-acto blades in your bag are rusty, and your mind is dull. Stop clicking your mouse, get messy, go back to the basics and make something fucking original. Don’t get hung up on things that don’t fucking work. Nothing of value comes to you without fucking working at it. Widows and orphans are terrible fucking tragedies, both in real life and definitely in typography.

The graphic designer’s first fucking consideration is always the size and shape of the format, whether for the printed page or for digital display. Remember it’s called the creative process, it’s not the creative fucking moment. To go partway is easy, but mastering anything requires hard fucking work.

Dedicate yourself to lifelong fucking learning. If you fucking give up, you will achieve nothing. Can we all just agree as the greater design community to stop fucking talking about Comic Sans altogether? It’s getting fucking old. Design is all about fucking relationships—the relationship of form and content, the relationship of elements, the relationship of designer and user

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